Music of 2017 – part four

15. Bluebells at Chart Hills
15. Bluebells at Chart Hills

Lucinda Williams – Essence, 2001 – from @dukkhaboy ‘in melancholy mood’
Bob Dylan – Triplicate (Sampler), 2017 – just, why?
Van Morrison – The Best of Van Morrison Volume Two, 1993
Johann Sebastian Bach – Goldberg Variations, Pietro de Maria, 2017
Johann Sebastian Bach – 6 Suites for Cello Solo, Istvan Vardal, 2017 – every note in just the right place.
Johann Sebastian Bach – Sonatas for Flute and Harpsichord, Stanie Troffaes and Julian Wolfs, 2016

Allman Brothers Band – Eat a Peach, 1972 – Deluxe CD Edition includes live CD of Final Fillmore East Concert 1971

Bought the 21st anniversary reunion Daphne’s Flight tickets which opens up this range of recordings:

Christine Collister (Gregson & Collister, The Richard Thompson Band)
Melanie Harrold  
(Harrold & Blanchflower, The Hank Wangford Band, Joanna Carline)
Julie Matthews  (While & Matthews, St Agnes Fountain)
Helen Watson  (Burden of Paradise, The Love Notes)
Chris While  (While & Matthews, St Agnes Fountain, Chris & Kellie While)

Daphne’s Flight – Knows Time, Knows Change, 2017

Heard a Carole King track on ‘Sounds of the Seventies’ and came across these fabulous albums:
Carole King – The Living Room Tour (Live), 2005
Carole King and James Taylor – Live at The Troubadour, 2010

Also played by Johnnie Walker was a Graham Parker and The Rumour track. I had heard the hit but didn’t really have a sense of how he fitted in, or his later solo stuff. It’s a sort of Elvis Costello vibe.
Graham Parker and The Rumour – These Dreams Will Never Sleep: The Best of Graham Parker 1976-2015, 2016

Ray Davies – Americana, 2017 – getting his mojo back with a little whimsy

Thorough article on King Crimson in The Guardianbut, annoyingly, missing from Spotify because Robert Fripp is very protective, apparently. Had to make do with some YouTube instead. I went for this instead…

David Cross and Robert Fripp – Starless Starlight, 2015 – mostly floaty and ambient.

Seasick Steve – Keepin’ the Horse Between Me and the Ground, 2016 – very coool!

Doh! I have just been told the ‘Pulse of Americana’ Spotify playlist is regularly updated – and might fine it is too. Praise, too, for the ‘Discover Weekly’ feature on Spotify which generates by algorithm a playlist based on what you listen and, yet, is not a repeat of what you have played. ‘Release Radar’ is a Friday update of new releases from artists you have listened to on Spotify. Fantastic use of technology. How else would I have found

Henrik Freischslader – Blues for Gary, 2017 – how I never learned to play the guitar

In readiness for their concert in Ashford…
Belshazzar’s Feast – Live! The Whitings on the Wall, 2014
and supported by Chatham’s own
Sally Ironmonger – Pinch me, 2016

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