Ramsay family 2

Margaret Purves, Granny Ramsay (1838-1920)
JK Munro Studio, Top of New Row, Dunfermline

We don’t have a written Ramsay family memoir but we do have some terrific photographs. I am grateful for Shirley Skelcher seeking them out and sharing them with my Mother. Between them they have pieced together snippets of information to confirm who they are and possible dates. Perhaps the fourteen cousins identified in the Australian connection could have compiled a generational memoir but that moment has passed.

It’s an incomplete record so messages with errors and omissions would be welcome. Shirley and Mum didn’t have the internet tools we know have for searching out the loose ends. The work on the family tree using Ancestry has helped me with the factual record but the stories from the far-flung family are lost in the mists of time. It is hoped that future generations will be able to access the photographs and gain some sense of the lives experienced in the Twentieth Century.

Shirley writes “Well! Doesn’t she look severe? Perhaps the family had been playing her up that day.”
It is not dated but this is as far back as these photographs go.

Mary Ramsay and Walter Scott
Jas Ward Studio, Peebles

This is Auntie Mary and Uncle Walter to my Mother and Shirley.

Auld House, North Queensferry
“from Chrissie Toms, Grandmother on father’s side (John Ramsay)”
“Bob and Jimmy (born 1900) with, possibly, your mother and mine. Or Chrissie and my mother.”
Robert Ramsay, Christine Ramsay, Jimmy Ramsay, 1901 approx
The eldest three.
Nanny Ramsay and Grandpa Ramsay, 1908 approx
Back: Margaret and Christine
Middle: Jimmy and Robert
Front: Ann and Helen

James, or Jimmy, features in the next page.

John Ramsay

Source: CC BY-SA 3.0, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8656692

Lorna Fermer writes “My grandfather, John Ramsay, was superintendent of his local Socialist Sunday School [external link to Wikipedia] so these ten commandments are very familiar to me. I would like contact with the Walthamstow Vestry Musuem.”

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