James Purves

Eccles Parish Church
Erected by James Purves

Text from a headstone in Eccles (Berwickshire) Church,
1 September 1978, transcribed by Lorna Fermer

Erected by James Purves
in memory of John Purves his Grandfather
Weaver at Purves Hall Died Dec 16th 1796 aged 78 years
Also Margaret Weatherhead
his granddaughter who died 1768.
Margaret and ? her children died 17??
Thomas 1796 ? years
John 1807 22 years

James Purves
died at Eccles 29th September 1878
Aged 81 years
Also Jessie Whellans his wife
died 22nd April 1895 aged 87 years
Also Agnes Granddaughter
Died 19 March 1883 7 months
Also Margaret Anderson
Wife of Thomas of Whitebank
15th May 18?? aged 75 years

Erected by James Purves
Certified copy of the Register of Banns July-August 1832.

James Purves of White Bank in the Parish of Eccles, North Britain, and Jessie Whillis of the West Common in this Parish of Carham.

“Great Granny Ramsay” = Margaret. Jessie Purves and children, 1845 approx

Jessie Purves 1811-1895 (born Whillas, also identified as Whellans)
Back l-r: Helen and Margaret (who married Robert Ramsay);
Front l-r: James, Thomas and William.

Helen Jessie Purves

Helen Jessie Purves

Helen Jessie Purves (sister of Margaret Purves)
Helen Jessie Dickman
born 1836 Eccles, died 1887 Sydney, Australia
married July 1856 at Whitebank, Eccles
Alexander Dickman born 1832 Kelso, died 1892
Sailed to Australia 1856, arrived Sydney November 1856

1. William Dickman March 1857 – 1918
2. Jessie Dickman July 1859 – 1893 (see photo below)
3. Elizabeth Dickman July 1861 –
4. Helen Dickman (known as Ellie) October 1864 – 1938
5. Margaret Dickman October 1866 – 1868
6. Susan Dickman 1869 – 1947
7. Margaret Dickman 1871 – 1957
8. James Dickman 1873 – 1875

Jessie Dickman

Jessie Dickman

Jessie Dickman / Jessie Williams
born July 1859, died 1893
married Thomas Williams (carpenter)
born 1859 Wales, died 1933
Died when her daughter Ellen Grace Williams / Helen Grace Williams was 8 weeks old.

Ellen / Helen was the mother of Grace / Gay Helen Jessie Field who provided these notes for Lorna Fermer.

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