Artefact family memories

Artefact 55

Power drill from Black and Decker

A rare bit (geddit?) of Mr Fixit to restore a bathroom towel rail to the horizontal today. It required a rummage in the garage for the power drill contained by a plastic bag which instantly disintegrated as it was so old. The drill is still boxed, just about, and well-used. I had cut a hole so the handle doesn’t have to be detached each time it is put away. It still has a B&Q label of £19.95 and I suggest it would be from about 1986 or 1987.

Black and Decker H40 single-speed hammer drill.

Drill bit storage

A box for a scotch whisky bottle is an excellent choice for storing drill bits. It was passed down from my Dad. He did like a single malt. It was probably a pre-Poulson corporate gift. The name has a special meaning as we lived in Rosebank Avenue, Wembley, where I was born, in the mid-fifties.

One pack of five drill bits is labelled £1.09 from Woolworths. I have merged my own collection and there is a right mix of sizes specified in fractions of an inch.


For more, here is the Artefact series introduction.

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