Gran, Gus and Dad, Port Isaac, Spring 1972

Port Isaac, Cornwall

Gus, Susie and Gran, 1972

Sun-trap at Port Issac. Crimson mini-corduroy trousers, very 1972.


Gus, 1972


Bad hair day at Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk
This was the occasion of Mum and Dad’s first holiday after all three children had left home. Without any conspiracy on our part, we all turned from our different locations around the country.

Steve, Gus, Jan, Dad, 1972

Short dress and Moobs

Jan, Gus, Steve

Gus and Jan, with mullet, on the balcony of her flat at Brendon, Basildon, Essex

Gus and Jan

Barton-on-Sea. The garden at Peveril.

Gus, 1972
Haverford West, Pembrokeshire, 1972

L to R back: Gran, Helen Rolfe, Barrie Rolfe, Janet
L to R middle: Stephen, Mother, Angus
Lto R front: two sheepdogs (one is Pembroke or Pemmie) and Mandy the boxer.

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