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Viking Bay, BroadstairsA large proportion of my musical memories have some located significance so are a clear part of Geo-story. I have written posts about music as we have experienced it over on (Note: my Blogspot is no longer updated.) However, this stepped up a gear when I started to note the audio-cassettes from the 1970s which I was about to discard for recycling (2013). This was a big moment for a hoarder. Anyway, one blog led to another and I had summarised our, that’s Marg and myself, musical journeys. It takes the form of an overview for each decade and some side-stories. I have put them together into one 62-page document called Shifting Sands (Updated Nov 2016).

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LPs recorded on tape in the summer of 1973
Memories of school-days 1966-73
Dodgy tapes
Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Nils Lofgren
Pre-recorded tapes 1973-74
Musical influences
Melanie to Adele
Music of the late 70s
Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd
Music of the eighties
Greatest albums of the past 20 years
Music of the nineties
Music of the noughties
Reaching Back
Blues, Soul and World
Now that’s what I call music
Music of the tens

Download “Shifting Sands 2016” (pdf 3.4Mb)

For a selection of tracks from these albums >

For a music review of 2014 >

For a music review of 2015 >

For music of 2016 – part one >

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