Computers in the Curriculum

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This was originally a Schools Council project at Chelsea College (which merged with KCL) and was also funded by a series of acronym-ed QUANGOs such as MEP and MESU. The project was led by Deryn Watson (now retired professor at KCL) and also involved David Riley and Richard Millwood (later at Ultralab, see his amazing PhD site). The group of Kent geography teachers was led and inspired by Ian Killbery, then director of Kent Education Television Centre. I also joined a team producing three items for British Gas which involved David Butler, British Gas, and Brian Nichol and Jenny Selfe of NS Partnership.

I was in the working groups that produced:
The South Eastern Railway Game (Longman, 1986)
Landscapes (Longman, 1987)
Choosing Sites (Longman, 1987)
Working Under Pressure (British Gas, 1988)
Delivering a Service (British Gas, 1992)
Consulting the Community (British Gas, 1992)

Exploring Geography with MicrocomputersLearning Geography with Computers

I also wrote:

  • a paper in “Exploring Geography with Micro-computers” edited by Deryn Watson (Council for Educational Technology, 1984)
  • a case study in “Micros in Action in the Classroom – P542” (Open University, 1984)
  • software reviews in “Teaching Geography”, Geographical Association
  • a chapter in “Learning Geography with Computers” (MESU, 1989)

Consulting the CommunityConsulting the Community

Consulting the Community

(British Gas, 1992) from the ‘Network for the Nation’ series for British Gas

From a review of Network for the Nation series – Times Educational Supplement 3 April 1999
“The packages are well presented, with plenty of support materials, and each, especially Consulting the Community, is a major activity demanding serious commitment in time and effort. But if the subject matter appeals to you the investment should prove worthwhile.”

tuffed in the stock roomThese products were leading edge but, with rapidly-changing technology, short-lived.

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