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It has occurred to me that if one of the Ramsay family had written a memoir in a similar fashion to Alice Ascoli’s “The Onlooker” it would make a fascinating parallel. I am unsure who would have been most appropriate for casting such a critical eye over their siblings. My maternal Grandmother, Margaret Ramsay, married Percy Ascoli and has the unique position at the intersection of both narratives. If only…

  1. Robert Ramsay “Bob” and Dorothy “Dinah”
  2. Christina Ramasay “Chrissie” and Sidney Toms
    (see Canada connections)
  3. James Ramsay “Jimmy” and Noel
    (see Ramsay family 3)
  4. Margaret Ramsay and Percy Ascoli
  5. Ann “Annie” Ramsay and Lionel Pearce
  6. Jessie Ramsay “Helen” and Ernest Bunch
  7. John Ramsay “Jack”
    (see Ramsay family 3)
Mother, Shirley and David. May 1937

My maternal Great Grandmother, Ann Ramsay.
This is captioned by my Gran (Margaret Ramsay / Ascoli / Wiltshire) and refers to her mother Ann “Annie” Combe Carnie / Ramsay.
Shirley Pearce / Skelcher (in the photo) refers to her as “Nannie”.
Shirley Skelcher has provided many of the photographs in this collection.

“Nannie and David Pearce, 1937”

Robert Ramsay and
Dorothy Ramsay

“A happy day in the Ramsay family, September 1971”

Grandma Wiltshire, possibly at Barton on Sea, with her brother Robert Ramsay “Bob” and his wife “Dinah”- Dorothy.

Bob and Dina Ramsay, undated
…with Robert and children

Bob was the eldest of the seven Ramsay siblings.

Spanning four generations

Margaret Wiltshire with her Great Granddaughter Charlotte at 3 months,
1 February 1998

Spanning almost the whole Century, Grandma is with Chris Wiltshire / Rolfe /Lugg’s Granddaughter. Charlotte, daughter of Sarah.
Grandma features in the section called “The Onlooker“, the memoirs of Alice Ascoli, as she married Percy Ascoli.

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