HEC Global Learning

PoHEC Global Learning Centrelicy monitoring and analysis.
Social media and website review.
CPD sessions.
Writing and editing.

www.globalfootprints.org [opens in a new window].

Derived from ‘Humanities Education Centre’, HEC Global Learning is rare survivor from the era of local authority teachers’ centres. Indeed, it remains embedded in the Tower Hamlets School Library Service.

Margaret Burr and Mary Young
Margaret Burr and Mary Young

Also unusually, HEC is a long-established development education centre (DEC). This flexible and hybrid organisation had been a key player in the Local4Global global dimension period and also produced a series of highly-regarded projects engaging local schools.

Margaret Burr was very supportive in my time at Worldaware and is photographed here with Mary Young, another dynamo of global citizenship.

HEC Global Learning was an important organisation in my working orbit for twenty years and in that time was run with dynamism, navigating through many changes with strong principles.

Hero: Margaret Burr, now retired.

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