Walter Marcus Ascoli (Mar 1880 – 1959)

As the eldest son it is, perhaps, inevitable that Walter held such a bearing on each turn in the family story. Alice is somewhat bitter about the impact of her brother’s influence. At this distance (May 2019) it might be agreed that Alice was denied an opportunity and aspiring career.
It is extraordinary to me that it is nearly 25 years since I first scrutinised Great Aunt Alice Ascoli’s draft memoir. These photographs have emerged as boxes from my Grandmother and my Mother have been acquired. They further illustrate the original chapters.

“Kitscroft, South Benfleet.” Walter and Emily Ascoli. 1925 approx.
L-R: Margaret Ascoli, Walter Ascoli, Elizabeth Ascoli, Alice Ascoli
Front: Lorna Ascoli, Reginald Ascoli, and Bonnie the dog. 1929 approx
Kitscroft, Benfleet Road, South Benfleet

What a super photograph!

Wedding of Reginald Marcus Ascoli and Hilda McLeod

Wedding of Reg and Emily Ascoli
Rochford March 1934

Lorna Ascoli (my Mother) is the little girl sitting at the front.
From the left: Margaret Ascoli, Elizabeth Ascoli, Alice Ascoli.
Any others?
Would it be Walter Ascoli leaning forward behind Reg?
Reginald was born in 1909.

Reginald and Hilda Ascoli – wedding

Reginald Ascoli and Emily Ascoli with Walter and Eric

Date suggested as 1933

This is identified on the reverse as (L-R) Reg, Emily, Walter and Eric Ascoli (born 1913).

In 1940 The London Gazette records the formal change of surname to Reginald Ascott and Eric Ascott. The ever-helpful Gina Marks commented that this happend in different branches of the family and, in this particular example, the children had later changed back.

Reginald Marcus Lake Ascott (born Ascoli) (1909-1959)
married March 1934
Hilda Nancy Macleod (1908-2005)
Reg and Hilda had two sons, Roderick Marcus Ascott (Ascoli) (1935-2005) and Lawrence David Ascott (Ascoli) (1937-1997).

Eric Walter Ascott (Ascoli)

Eric married Marion CM Hellmund (1910) in early 1934.
The 1939 Census has them living in Bridgend, Glamorganshire. Eric’s occupation as Veterinary Surgeon, Inspector for Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fish. The record shows two spaces for children. One will be Peter who married Beryl.

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