Leaf litterComputers in the Curriculum Project (King’s College London)

Computer assisted learning author and consultant (1982-92) Eight titles. Read more >

The Channel Tunnel Curriculum Development (5-19) Project:

Writer and/or editor of 23 separate publications including four video programmes, three photo-sets and satellite map. These include the curriculum areas of modern languages, geography and the environment, science and technology, the European dimension and business education (1988-94). Read more >

Invicta Media Productions (1995-98)

Website and eight video commissions. Read more >

Resource reviews

Reviews for The Times Educational Supplement. For example:
‘I’d like to teach the world with song’ TES Newspaper, 31 March 1995 [external link]
‘CD-Romping’ TES Newspaper, 31 March 2995 [external link]
‘Wish you were here’, TES Newspaper, 23 June 1995 [external link]
‘The Rhine’s current issues in context’, TES Newspaper, 22 March 1996 [external link]

Council for Education in World Citizenship (1998-99).

Website and four titles. Read more >

Worldaware (2000-2005)

Learning Resources Catalogues (annual 2000-2004)
“Global Eye” Issue 14 and website (author and editor) Worldaware for Department for International Development (DFID) (Autumn 2000). This site is now hosted by the Royal Geographical Society (RGS-IBG).
Worldaware Education website, (September 2000). This site has now been taken over by SOS Villages.
“Global Insights” (author and editor) Worldaware for DFID (April 2001).
“Globalisation: a compendium of views”, (editor) Worldaware (June 2001).
“Globalisation: a further compendium of views”, (editor) Worldaware (June 2002).
“Whose right to water?” (joint author) Worldaware (October 2002).
“Global health matters” (editor) Worldaware (2003). Read more >


“People on the move” (series consultant) Heinemann (2005). Read more >

‘Living in Places People Want’ in “Living Geography” edited by David Mitchell (2009), Chris Kington Publishing. Read more >

Fair’s Fair 2012PlayFair 2012

For the Trades Union Congress and teaching unions NUT and ATL, the Play Fair campaign required educational resources for the 9-13 age group. The initial phase was facilitating two day-long teachers’ workshops to explore the learning potential of the context based on a set of background papers on ethical trade and human rights in global supply chgains – especially working conditions in sportswear production. Following the teachers’ input Angus compiled a 32-page set of learning activities with a curriculum focus on interdependence, human rights and the global dimension.

PlayFair 2012 website [opens in a new tab]
“Campaigning for a sweat free Olympics” (later directed at the 2016 Olympics)

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