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I have been building up information streams on the wider aspects of my professional interests and beyond my current projects. These may be categorised as either official, organisational sources or more personal suggestions and recommendations. The web has facilitated the horizon-scanning which is invaluable for the self-employed who do not receive up-dates and information in the formal capacity of those in organisations. It is also important, I feel, to demonstrate a commitment to lifelong and personal learning.

Pannage blog

Some sources are referenced in my pannage blog which started as an experiment and continues mainly as a series of personal reflections influenced by what I am reading and doing on a weekly basis. After six months I wrote a short manifesto for my blog.


Another key source, contrary to initial expectations, has become Twitter which is both individual and has an immediacy about it. I have blogged about what I have learned from Twitter. This explains the different types of use and, of course, Twitter makes it clear who I am following.

I subscribe to a number of opt-in alerts and e-newsletters from organisations, government departments and related bodies, perhaps too many now.

Tony Cassidy @tonycassidy
Follow @AngusWillson love his calm and measured approach based on years of experience,
encouraged me to engage again #geographyteacher
06:45 PM – 27 Dec 12


I am a user of specific discussion forums and Nings. The most significant of these is the GA with group for SCSIG.

Tutor / facilitator

In 2004 I completed a National Extension College Online Tutoring course certificated by City and Guilds. This included techniques and tools to ensure that communications technologies serve online learning in a range of models, and not just in distance learning. I found it a useful opportunity to reflect upon theoretical and practical considerations both as a participant and as an on-line tutor. I have acted as an online expert in children’s debates for WWF-UK and I moderate a mailing list for teachers with a focus on the global dimension.

I have also facilitated an online discussion forum for SEEd on the sustainability curriculum.

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