People on the Move

Economic MigrantsEnvironmental MigrantsPeople on the Move series

by Dave Dalton
July 2005, Heinemann Library
ISBN for pack of four 043101390X

  • Economic Migrants
  • Environmental Migrants
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  • Nomads and Travellers

“Since the dawn of human evolution, humans have migrated across continents in search of food, shelter, safety and hospitable weather.

Nomads & TravellersRefugees & Asylum SeekersThe push and pull factors that affect the decision to move are explained, while Consider this boxes help you to think about the topic, and form your own opinions.

Each book includes:
Case studies highlighting important migrations
Personal quotes provide an excellent primary source
The final chapter discusses key issues.”

As a consultant I commented on the series outline and two drafts of each book.

Publisher’s details were at which is no longer active as it is now owned by Pearson Education.

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