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I started this website nearly 25 years ago and have modified it over the years. It includes a commitment to my Great Aunt Alice who wrote “I am writing in the year 1962 and hope that by telling the story of my family as they grew up and lived out their lives that it may help those of the present day to know something of their heritage.”
See The Onlooker >

Recent additions and changes
The section on the family tree,
including pages about Lorna Fermer,
have been modified. February 2021.

Arthritis, or is it. added April 2023

Pannage explores continuing personal interests. It started as a portfolio of professional life in geography and education and now exists as a curation of that work. To give some perspective some autobiographical commentary has been added.

The blogposts section concerns topical issues, personal views, musical choices and key events. Geo-story is the main hub for adventures, family and various online projects. I explain that it is about places and life-stories.

My sequence of employment, or career, is outlined in two sequences
Work 1 and Work 2.

I am happy with the ups and downs of this record but I saw a post by Doug Belshaw (August 2020) where he helpfully explains:
we can’t really be the same ‘person’ over a human lifetime.
We contain multitudes.
…I’ve found this idea very liberating. I don’t have to be the same person I was when I was younger, I can choose to be different.
Here are my choices.

Activities, people and places

I have covered activities, people and places. Although seen through my own perspective it is not solely about me but those working relationships and collaborations that have influenced my life. It is necessarily selective and reflects my own interests, passions and slant on the world.

See most recent information about interests which include golf, bowls, walking and photography.

Recent addition about my stuff: Artefact >

Portfolio of life-long learning, caring and sharing

A website as museum
“Adults and children sometimes have boards in their bedrooms or living rooms on which they put pieces of paper: letters, snapshots, reproductions of paintings, newspaper cuttings, original drawings, postcards,” John Berger wrote in Ways of Seeing. “Logically, these boards should replace museums.”

Joe Moran puts it this way:
“This website is an archive of the writing I have done over the years, assembled in an effort to persuade myself that I haven’t been entirely wasting my time. ‘A luxurious task, this cobbling up of ancient toil,’ as Ronald Blythe puts it.”

Why write?
“I feel, that when I’m not writing, less well than when I am. When I am writing, I feel that my life is busy. That I’m a creature with a purpose. When I’m not, I feel abit floaty. Sometimes, not always, that’s not a pleasant feeling. It’s something you have to put up with, of course – you can’t write all the time. But you can write a lot of the time; you can work every day.”
Frederick Seidel interviewed in The Guardian, 4 June 2016

The creative adult is the child who has survived
Ursula K. Le Guin

Please enjoy, share and add your comments on my perspective and portfolio.
Angus Willson

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