Video Production

September 1995 – October 1998
Invicta Media Productions Limited
Development Director
Video and multimedia production for education, training and corporate markets.

This was an opportunity to support two friends, Ian Killbery and Ilsa Rowe, in a spin-off / start-up company which has at core a passion for learning foreign languages and associated cultures.

Projects and partnerships included the British Council, Goethe-Institut, Spanish Embassy, Eurotunnel and various departments in Kent County Council.

The German language learning video packs, and much more, are available from [opens in new window]

3-2-1 Los! 3-2-1 Los!

A cross-Channel tourism initiative, part-funded by the European Commission Regional Development Fund, generated a website called [opens in new window] This project has concluded.

It became necessary to look for a new opportunity for two prime and linked reasons. The business was not going to provide the salary and security I felt I needed. Also, I didn’t have clear and distinct enough contribution to make in the production process. It was a frustrating and yet instructive period where much was possible but just not within a shared purpose. I learned more about myself and the role of selling in a commercial context. I think of this as confirming that conviction and disguising uncertainty was not really me.

Having helped get Invicta Media Productions underway, and it still is as Early Start, I turned my attention to the world starting to commute to London working for the

Council for Education in World Citizenship >