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Channel Tunnel Curriculum Development (5-19) Project

Foreword (to publications April 1987-August 1995)

Angus Willson Feb 1988
Angus Willson Feb 1988 (QA Photos)

The Channel Tunnel Curriculum Development (5-19) Project has been established by Kent County Council Education Department in collaboration with Eurotunnel. The aim of the Project is to prepare teaching materials to inform young people about the Channel Tunnel and its impact, and to seize upon opportunities to enhance the learning process. The curriculum of schools and colleges must reflect the dynamic nature of world commerce and industry; it can not afford to ignore the significance of economic, social and environmental changes. The Project is intended to inform and explain the context of the development of the fixed link to Europe.

The Projects started in April 1987, led by a seconded Kent teacher as Director working closely with a Joint Steering Committee which includes representatives from the County Council’s Education, Planning and Chief Executive’s Departments and from Eurotunnel. Teachers from both Primary and Secondary Schools in Kent have been involved in the production of materials, supported by the Inspectorate and Advisory Service. These have included, to date, areas of the curriculum as diverse as Primary Science and Technology, Secondary Geography, Pre-vocational Education, Modern Languages, Mathematics and Craft, Design and Technology. Materials have been tested and evaluated initially in Kent Schools prior to more widespread publications.

Eurotunnel Exhibition Centre, Folkestone

The Project is currently based in the offices above the Eurotunnel Exhibition Centre in Folkestone with convenient access to an extensive range of documentation and other materials. The Curriculum Development Project has addressed progressively the wide range of issues, impacting upon Kent and nationally, arsing from the construction of a fixed link. Therefore, many other agencies have been consulted, including the Planning Department of the County and District Councils, university researchers, conservation organisations and other interested bodies.

The European perspective is included in materials from the Curriculum Development Project as appropriate. There is considerable potential for European collaboration with the fixed link as a common focus and it is increasingly evident that the European dimension should pervade the whole curriculum. Cross-Channel cooperation will facilitate this development.

As construction of the Channel Tunnel proceeds so the planned response by the Curriculum Development Projects has to be appropriate for the schools of the 1990s. The curriculum does not remain static and it is a challenge to teachers to respond to change and to make make use of opportunities as they arise. The Project will provide support to teachers in meeting this challenge.

Angus Willson, Project Director       Roy Pryke, Director of Education Services, KCC

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