Outcomes and impacts

Autumnal leaves

Monitoring and Evaluation

It should be fairly clear from the evidence on this website that Angus Willson has experience of a variety of projects in different contexts and partners. Monitoring and evaluation – or scrutiny by others involved – has always been a valuable feature. The purposes and programmes are rarely the same, yet everyone wants to see results and value for money.

Clarity of a project’s purpose is the most effective means of ensuring identified outcomes and impacts, so it is best to start with an approach to evaluation from the beginning. This is more robust and allows, if required, the role of critical friend to be adopted. However, it is still possible to reverse-engineer for an evaluation at any time.

Whatever stage you are, for a discussion about your monitoring and evaluation needs make contact with Angus Willson, without obligation.

And those acorns? Aren’t your fruitful project outcomes ready for planting the next project?

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