Lorna's 80th Birthday. Group photo at Kew Gardens.
Kew Gardens, November 2005

This family gathering at Kew was for Mother’s 80th Birthday. Angus has a walking stick having broken his leg in July on a golf course.
L to R: Stephen, Janet, Natasha, Angus, Margaret, Andrew, Claire, Philip, Mum and Dad.


Janet and Angus at Barton-on-Sea

Even this most obviously people-section is part of geo-story. It focuses on the 1960s and early 1970s. The photographs of this era were taken on family occasions, often when parts of the family came together at Christmas, for example. Even the pictures from holidays tend to be of the group present rather than the place as such. Wherever it was, the taking of a photograph, or two at the most, had significance. The modern day observation often makes comments with a different significance.

Having been passed a box of one hundred transparencies a few have been selected for digitising and sharing. As many of them are square-format ‘127’ images it has not been easy coaxing software for 35mm slides to frame them effectively. It has been a problem others have found and the demise of pre-digital photogaphy means slide-scanners are not being produced either. I ended up projecting them and taking new photographs. It would seem this curation needs to happen now or access to the images will be lost forever.

The top photograph shows Janet and Angus on Barton-on-Sea beach. Jan says it’s also Gina Kredel, who went to live in New Zealand and Marilyn Pike (in red).

South Benfleet, 1963

Christmas 1963
L-R – Steve, Jan (hidden), Gus, Gran, Barrie, Chris

Christmas games in 1963. It could be the riotous game of Pit.

Christmas 1963
L-R – Chris, Steve, Barrie, Gran, Jan, Gus

Christmas tea

L-R: Gran, Jan, Chris, Barrie, Steve, Gus

Oh, what fun from a Christmas cracker…

Mum in fetching yellow jumper.

Scotland, 1964

A memorable holiday camping around Scotland in 1964. This stop was at Ardsheal House on Loch Linnhe, near Glencoe, Scotland

Loch Linnhe
Jan, Gus, Nick, Nick’s brother Martin, Steve

We travelled with everything in and on the two-tone Austin Cambridge. The ‘L’ plates would have been for Mum.

Steve, Jan, Dad, Gus

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