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While we rarely get into double-figures on Ken Bruce’s “PopMaster” with a joint effort, we do like to catch it on the radio when we can. I was dwelling on the conditions they set for the email-entry to the show: tell us your “three pop passions”. My suggestions are given with the self-imposed discipline of avoiding a named band or artist and not mentioning the obvious shorthand of a single genre.

  1. Over the years I have loved the pure-voiced female performers – and if they are a songwriter even better.
  2. You can’t beat the power-sound of a guitar lick. Sometimes it is the basis of a whole song or suddenly emerges as a solo break. In a future life I will be a rock-god guitarist.
  3. Music has to mean something and protests, political songs and social commentary make a valuable and timeless contribution.

So, no genre and no time-frame is required. Timeless and universal, music spans the deep past and invests the current life-experience. Love it.

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