Music of 2017 – part eight

Eliza Carthy and the Wayward Band
Eliza Carthy and the Wayward Band

Joni Mitchell – Travelogue, 2002 – a David Swaine recommendation.

Kirsty Merryn – She & I, 2017

Moya Brennan – Canvas, 2017 Coming to Canterbury 25 Mar 2018
“First Lady of Celtic Music”

This is: Jimi Henrix (Spotify playlist) who died 47 years ago –

Show of Hands – The Long Way Home, 2016
Elton John – Diamonds, 2017
The Corrs – Jupiter Calling, 2017
Eliza Carthy – Big Machine, 2017
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Who Built the Moon? 2017
St Agnes Fountain – Best of Volume 2, 2016
Phoebe Bridges – Stranger in the Alps, 2017 – via Philip Anderson
Van Morrison – Versatile, 2017
Free – All Right Now: The Collection, 2012
Kate Rusby – Angels and Men, 2017

I have praised it before, but one effect of Spotify’s Discover Weekly algorithm is to confirm one’s impeccable taste #JustSaying

We thought about going to the Great British Folk Festival in Skegness again as St Agnes Fountain headlined. Instead, we booked a series of local concerts:

Show of Hands supported by Kirsty Merryn, Canterbury
Cara Dillon, Canterbury
Eliza Carthy and The Wayward Band, Ashford
St Agnes Fountain, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
Albion Christmas Band, Canterbury

We have booked the Folk in the Barn 15th Anniversary celebration concert on 7 April 2018 with Show of Hands Duo.

A lovely end to the year of 2017.

By Angus Willson

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