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GCSE Geography (2016)

Credit: SLN Geog Forum

Miscellaneous informal networks, blogs, NINGs and Facebook groups etc

I have started a new list for GCSE 2016 onwards (9-1). Beware of the old ones  (2009-2016) which have ‘new’ in the title. Some of these have a new group within the old structure.

Andrew Boardman – AQA GCSE Geography Teachers Group

Matt Podbury – IGCSE Geography 0460 Support Group

Do follow the prolific, ubiquitous, and all-round nice bloke, Alan Parkinson at

And the perennial…
SLN Geography Forum

Many of the geography bloggers on the GA list have fallen by the wayside due to tiredness, outside interests, promotion, retirement, love… all good reasons. Bon voyage!

By Angus Willson

Angus Willson is editor of this site and author of this blogpost.

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