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Reap what you sowAn important development over the summer, and one trying to fill the void left by government, is the website called
“Interpreting the 2014 Geography National Curriculum Framework.
This is a development site for sharing perspectives on interpreting the proposed National Curriculum Framework for Geography”

Based on the deliberations of an “Expert Group” of twenty people it appears to conciously sit within no particular organisation or, perhaps, all of them. Although they are volunteers to this task, most people are cited with their salaried posts.

“This site has been produced to help teachers and teacher educators plan for the implementation of the proposed 2014 National Curriculum Framework. It offers informed curriculum development advice. Please follow the links below to find out more. This site has been produced by a group of volunteers and so the materials on this site are produced by the geography education community for that community and not for any commercial gain or use.”

It looks a bit thin and loose at the moment and, for example, there are some links to uncredited and undated papers (PDF). But I am sure this can be tidied up.

As with previous national curriculum revisions, there will be a full range of those who adjust too quickly, those who delay and those who give it lip-service. It remains to be seen if the dominant discourse can become the school curriculum rather than the national curriculum. This website will helps those who are serious and confidnet in their attempt at rational decision-making. It also takes a punt at getting teachers of key stage three to look at key stage one and two, and vice versa.

Curriculum making for all

“Curriculum making is the creative act of interpreting a curriculum specification or scheme of work
and turning it into a coherent, challenging, engaging and enjoyable scheme of work.

Curriculum making is a job that really never ends and lies at the heart of good teaching.”


It pins its’ colours to curriculum making and there is a four-pager with resource links.

My other posts which reference curriculum making

Where else is this thinking being shared?

Update January 2014: I am a member of the Citizenship Expert Advisory Group.

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