Eduardo Paolozzi

Paolozzi head sculptureI have a distinct 1960s memory of Eduardo Paolozzi Boxes but they refer to them as an “experimental porfolio” The Whitchapel Gallery exhibition. One was called ‘General Dynamic F.U.N.’ (1965-70) consists of a set of collaged images presented in an edition of 75. The curators’ video suggested that taking out and re-arranging the images was the intention – and, indeed, art in process.

Also I have passed many times the huge bronze sculpture of Newton in front of the British Library. Many people will recognise the tiled patterns of Tottenham Court Road tube station even if they didn’t know the artist.

I liked particularly the brightly coloured finely-detailed screen prints. Certainly ahead of their time.

I was at school with one of his daughters (who sadly died young) and visited their home in Essex at that time.

Youtube video from the The Whitechapel Gallery

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