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Artefact 51

Kayser Bondor Stockings Box

I had been sorting out some of my Mother’s possessions including a paperback-book sized box of photographs which I emptied. I was about to discard it and then turned it over to see the addresses, and the date 9 April 1952, which gave it a completely different story. Grandmother’s sister owned a habadashery shop so I don’t know if she was sending the stockings or just re-using it for another item. The date is a week after Steve, big brother, was born.

I did empty a box to throw it away. Now I can’t.

Artefact refers to a series of posts started in 2010 “…an occasional and random series of artefacts – the stuff we have accumulated over the years. Each has meaning, a memory, often a place, beyond the objects themselves.”

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