Angus Willson

(c) Margaret Willson

Photography has always been one of Angus’s hobbies and is fused with the professional interests in community geography. With a photo-library of transparencies taken in Britain and abroad he now works in digital format. He has also enjoyed a role as adviser and running workshops for Colliers Green Focus.

Inspired by Geoff Dyer’s (2005) book ‘The Ongoing Moment‘, London: Little, Brown.

“I wanted, among other things, to look at photographs to see what new knowledge I could derive from them… The only way to do this was to see how different people photographed the same thing.” (page 7)

Dyer also quotes Dorothea Lange who said “the camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

I like that.

The Ongoing Moment photoset.

Lines on the Landscape
Often representing human impact on the environment, lines are usually a harsh intrusion on the landscape. Nature tends not to do ‘straight’ so lines indicate our human modifications or an attempt to superimpose our own sense of order and efficiency on what is otherwise a more natural setting. Southern England has no true wildscape and, even as it continues to change, and evidence of our human landscape is everywhere. As a geographer, I think it is important that photographs convey their place, as appropriate, and I have located and geo-tagged them all in this set.



Lines in the landscape photoset.

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