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The strange world of… politics

Source: Private Eye

A few political concerns collided today. One is the mainstream media – the source of our information – and the other is the shadow-world of where power really resides.

In 2014 I wrote about my views on the demise of the education journalism of the TES and then focussed on the background of one writer in particular. I have also considered our embracing of social media and the access to longer reflections on matters of interest with increasing frustration with the role of main-stream media.

Cultural wars

Source: Tortoise

These thoughts came together when seeing a link from Tortoise, a source I have been appreciating, with a great piece (audio and long-read) about the Number 10 power couple, Dougie Smith and Munira Mirza – the architects behind the Tories’ “war on woke”.

I recommned that you read it.

It’s so interesting to note the side-references to Frank Furedi, Clare Fox (now a peer!), Living Marxism and Spiked Online.

These are the libertarians behind our government which behaves as if it actually hates the idea of government. They intefere in politics to ensure there is mimimum government policy to impede their wealth creation. It is why the UK exit from the European Union (Brexit) has been so important to them. It is why the government response to Covid19 has been reluctant. Not that they haven’t missed an opportunity to line the pockets of their mates with public money.

The current Tory lie is “levelling up”. They don’t mean it.

The country needs a new leadership coming from the principles of peace, sustainability and equity. This needs to be articulated in ways which are unassailable and that the electorate understands.


I thoroughly recommend subscribing to the (free) “Daily Sensemaker” and I am close to subscribing. I’m not sure I would make enough of it yet.

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