Sydney Toms and Chrissie Toms

Wedding photo taken 18 August 1920

Standing back row: Clifford Williamson, Steven Toms, Lucy Williamson, Franklin Toms, Lizzie Ascoli (from England), William Toms, Clarence Williamson, Mr George Williamson, Bertha Toms.
Seated: Arthur Ascoli, Mrs John C Toms (Mother of the Groom), Sydney Toms (Groom), Chrissie Toms (née Ramsay) (Bride), Mr John C Toms (Father of the Groom), Mrs Ascoli (Mother of Lizzie and Arthur from England), Mrs George Williamson (Sydney’s Mother’s sister).

Source: Margaret Palmer sent to Shirley Skecher 25 July 2005
“Susan brought with her Mum’s wedding photo complete with all the names written on the back in Dad’s handwriting.” Shirley passed a copy to Lorna Fermer.

What a fabulous photograph!
Chrissie Ramsay was my Grandmother’s sister, Margaret Ramsay, who married Percy Ascoli.
Mrs Ascoli = Jane E Ascoli
Lizzie = Elizabeth Ascoli (eldest sister to Alice Ascoli) (1878-?)
Arthur Ascoli went to Canada in 1907.

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