Geography at Edge Hill

Year group 1974 – 1977 (or 1978)

I spotted Helen Leach [Helen Chase] over on the Edge Hill University Ulumni page on Facebook and she sent me this fabulous photo of a first year geography visit to RSPB Martin Mere. That started a guess the name game. I blundered in identifying Helen but, of course, she took the photo! Can you help identify these people?

Geography group at Martin Mere. Photo: Helen Leach [Chase]
  • Corrections and suggestions welcome
  • Left to right: standing 1 Freda Wincott, 2
  • Left to right on chairs 1, 2, 3 David Lomax, 4 Julie Benson, 5 Andy Moir, Carolyn Rose, 6 Val Webb, 7, 8,
  • Left to right on rail 1 Jane Williams, 2, 3, 4

The accompanying lecturer would probably have been David Halsall (died 2013) or Steve Suggitt.

This is the list of those who gained their Certificate in Education 1977 (Edge Hill College of Higher Education). The “4” indicates those on the B Ed 1978 list.
Valerie Archer
Julie Benson – 4
Elizabeth Boam
Stephen Cottam – 4
Gillian Exley
John Goodwin – 4
Helen Leach – 4
David Lomax
Andrew MacCandlish – 4
Judith McDowall – 4
Andrew Moir
Kathryn Rawley – 4
John Rice
Kathryn Shaw
Sandra Statter
James Sykes
Lynne Thomas – 4
Anne Travis
Julie Ward
Valerie Webb – 4
Jane Williams
Angus Willson – 4
Freda Wincott – 4

This list is incomplete as a group of 31 started the geography course in 1974.

Helen also posted this brilliant photo of her room in JD Hall

Helen Leach 1978

And Helen has provided these from the trip to North Wales in 1976. We stayed at Bangor Normal College (first photo). I think John Goodwin has been distracted by someone not in our group! We also walked up a peak in Snowdonia in a heat wave. One lecturer managed to get arms blistered from sun-burn. This was painful when we visited the Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station and had to put our arms into a radiation detector on the way out. Any other memories?

Back: John Rice, Angus Willson, Kath Shaw, John Goodwin
Front: 5, 6, Freda Wincott

John Goodwin standing. Anyone else?

Here you will find more information about the Edge Hill Education course >

Forty years later…

Helen went to the Edge Hill alumni event in 2019 and sent this photo of Carole Waddington, Nicky Maughan (?), Helen Chase, Janice Westwell.

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