Lorna Willson

Barton-on Sea

Family photo June 1955
Family photo June 1955

Outside the bay-window of “Peveril”, this family photograph includes Alfred and Lorna, Jan and Steve standing, and Angus the baby in Grandma’s arms. The car belonged to Alf Dutton who appears in photographs on the same day, as does Christine.

In many ways, from the Barton Clay on the wellies to Carlton Avenue or Grandma’s “Peveril” in Seacroft Avenue, Barton-on-Sea, this photograph represents our childhood. Jan in brownie uniform, Steve holding a football and Angus with binoculars and a long stick.

Janet, Stephen, Angus
Janet, Stephen, Angus

A set of photos with Alfred Willson, “Daddy Willson.” Whenever I mention Broadstairs, Mum tells me I went there before I was born! The well-loved horse on wheels was called Dobbin, an important family character. Probably taken at Rosebank Avenue, Sudbury Hill.

A lovely family holiday photo on The Jetty in Broadstairs… The Tartar Frigate pub in the background and Bleak House on the hill.

Jan, Steve, Lorna in Broadstairs 1953
Jan, Steve, Lorna in Broadstairs, 1953

This one below was obviously taken at the same time as the one of father-and-daughter above. Mum commented recently that she was wearing a nice dress in the photo.

Lorna and Jan. January 1950
Lorna and Jan. January 1950

Supply teacher at Ashley Primary School

Ashley Primary School
Ashley Primary School – Lorna is in the front row second from the left

The Headteacher is Mr Sachs and the man behind him is Mr Belcher, for whom Lorna did supply cover. Date estimated as 1958/9. Lorna would cycle to Ashley from Barton with Angus on the back and he would then sit at the front of the class.

Anne Howarth is also in this photograph, second from the right on the front row.

Alfred Charles Willson

Daddy Willson (1919 – 1956)

Alfred Willson – the reverse says “giving out at a charity do”, undated.
Alfred Willson, undated
Alfred Willson

Alfred Willson and Alice Rose Boughton

Alice Rose Boughton (1885 – 1951)
There is family tree evidence for the Boughton family (parents and siblings) but very little for Alfred Willson besides their marriage certificate in 1913 and paternal Grandfather Alfred’s death in 1968.

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