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Lorna's 90th Birthday
Lorna’s 90th Birthday

Most of this site centres around me, Angus Willson. “The Onlooker” is, I believe, a fascinating story of the Ascoli family in the first half of the twentieth century. The rest of the family history takes emphasis from the photographic record and that has many pitfalls. In compiling this I wanted to capture some of the best images for sharing and the piece together some of the stories. Unlike Alice Ascoli, I don’t have a narrative structure. Well. not one that I have made clear yet.

Genealogy attempts to be neutral and looks backward. Also, I discovered that it disregards the living and my purpose is to pass forward Great Aunt Alice’s message to future generations. That means Geo-story has perspective – and I am not that sorry if it comes across as mine.

Part of this collection is in date order and part of it groups together families. This should help to make the connections:

The Ascoli family

Margaret Ramsay, my grandmother, married Percy Ascoli (see The Onlooker for photos here) and later Henry Wiltshire.
Lorna Fermer, my mother, was born Lorna Ascoli and married Alfred Willson and later Peter Fermer.

The Wiltshire family

Margaret Ascoli (Ramsay) married Henry Wiltshire whose family were from Whitchurch, Hampshire.
Christine Wiltshire (step-sister to Lorna Ascoli and our Aunt) married Barrie Rolfe and later Russell Lugg.

The Willson family

Alfred Willson, our Dad, died in 1957 after Jan, Steve and Angus were born.
Alfred Willson’s mother was born Boughton.
Steve married Elizabeth Smith and they have three daughters, Robyn (deceased), Natasha and Amy.

Peter and Lorna Fermer 31 January 1959
Peter and Lorna Fermer 31 January 1959

The Fermer family

Peter Fermer married Lorna Willson (Ascoli) and became our step-father.
Peter’s siblings are Dennis and Mary (Aunt and Uncle).
Den married Averil. Their son Stephen Robert Fermer married Val Pope.
Mary married Geoff and later Keith.
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The Rolfe family

Barrie Rolfe married Christine Wiltshire (our Uncle and Aunt) and Sarah, Kate, Helen were born (our cousins).

The Prince family

Angus married Margaret Prince, daughter of Ron and Gwen – who came from a family of Hughes.
Anton is Margaret’s brother who is married to Irene.

The Thomas family

Jan Willson married David Thomas and they have sons Andrew and Philip.
Andrew is married to Claire – who was a Page-Mitchell.

Christina Ramsey – My Great Grandmother