The New Forest

As well as the coast, the New Forest was and remains a significant part of our family life. This photo shows an interesting dynamic between this three at the time.

Lorna, Jan and Chris July 1950
Lorna, Jan and Chris July 1950

Chris with her mother (our Grandma)

Note the car in the background.

Margaret and Christine Wilshire
Grandma and Chris
August 1950


Chris and Jan by the pool at Patrosa, Bournemouth. David Oliver was a neighbour.

Jan, Chris, David August 1950
Jan, Chris, David
August 1950

These photos are beautifully composed.

Update 23 May 2019


While looking for photographs of Lorna (mum) at Saffron Walden Training College and her friend, Jean Clayden, I came across a super photo of Alfred Willson (my dad). He is striding down the road in London with two women and it is dated 11 March 1950.
Is it possible that one of these is Jean Clayden?

There is evidence for this in a Visitors’ Book for Wightman Road which clearly shows Jean Clayden’s signature on 7 January 1949 and, then, a housewarming party for Rosebank Avenue, on 9 June 1951. There is a further entry for a News Year Party 12 January 1952. On 9 November 1952 there is Jean’s signature, another which looks like G. E. Clayden and Wilfred C Clayden from the same address. There is an entry for a New Year Party on 9 January 1954.

The visitors book finishes in late 1955 as Alfed Willson became ill and died the following year. The story continues, of course, and there for the New Year parties is the signature of next-door-neighbour Peter Fermer.

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