Canada connections

There are various branches of the family tree in Canada as we will see. In my lifetime Auntie Chrissie was visited by her sister (my Gran) and my Mother. The information below is from a Toms family tree given to Mother.

Sidney Toms and
Christina Ramsay

Wedding 18 August 1920

Sidney Toms born 19 January 1896
married 18 August 1920
Christina Ramsay (known as Chrissie) born 28 July 1892 died 2 September 1988

Standing back row: Clifford Williamson, Steven Toms, Lucy Williamson, Franklin Toms, Lizzie Ascoli (from England), William Toms, Clarence Williamson, Mr George Williamson, Bertha Toms.
Seated: Arthur Ascoli, Mrs John C Toms (Mother of the Groom), Sydney Toms (Groom), Chrissie Toms (née Ramsay) (Bride), Mr John C Toms (Father of the Groom), Mrs Ascoli (Mother of Lizzie and Arthur from England), Mrs George Williamson (Sydney’s Mother’s sister).

Source: Margaret Palmer sent to Shirley Skecher 25 July 2005.
“Susan brought with her Mum’s wedding photo complete with all the names written on the back in Dad’s handwriting.” Shirley passed a copy to Lorna Fermer.

What a fabulous photograph!
Chrissie Ramsay was my Grandmother’s sister, Margaret Ramsay, who married Percy Ascoli.
Mrs Ascoli = Jane E Ascoli
Lizzie = Elizabeth Ascoli (eldest sister to Alice Ascoli) (1878-?)
Arthur Ascoli went to Canada in 1907.

Subsequent family…
Five children
1. Clinton James born 1922
2. Margaret born 1926
? Palmer ?
3. Robert 1930
married Cehri Kay Blattner
4. Gordon Toms born 14 April 1930, Melville, Saskatchewan
Marilyn Crayston born 25 June 1939, Winnipeg, Manitoba
who had their own
Angela Toms born 19 March 1974
5. Norman born 1935

60th Wedding Anniversary 1980

Toms family tree

Toms side
Crayston side

I have not yet fully explored this tree in Ancestry (except the Ramsay and Carnie lines) but there are some interesting notes contained within.

Sidney Toms’s father was John Toms (1865-1949) from Pennsylvania, USA and his father Joseph Toms (1840-1924) had emigrated from Cornwall with his father in 1854 and had served in the Civil War.

Marilyn Crayston’s mother was Clara Mawhinney (1910-) and goes back to Ontario and Ireland. Her father Edmund Crayston (1910-) and goes back to Pennsylvania.

Hunter family
Winnipeg, Manitoba

There is a further Canada connection in a strand of the Carnie family.
Annette Carnie (1881-1961) (known as Nettie) married Joseph Hunter (1878-1954) (known as Joe). They migrated to Winnipeg, Canada, married 2 September 1907. Christina Durham Hunter (known as Ina, 1909-1990) was the first of five daughters. More on the incomplete record over on Scottish roots >

Nettie Carnie and Joe Hunter with Christina
Colin Campbell Studio, High Street, Kirkaldy

History repeats itself
More recent generations have seen both the Aunt Chris Rolfe (now Lugg) family and brother Steve and Liz Willson living in Edmonton, Alberta for a shorter period of time.

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