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Life curationFrom acorns mighty oaks grow...

Compelled to write about my past and present professional and personal experiences, I have covered activities, people and places. Although seen through my own perspective it is not solely about me but those working relationships and collaborations that have influenced my life. It is necessarily selective and reflects my own passions and slant on the world.
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Why write?

“I feel, that when I’m not writing, less well than when I am. When I am writing, I feel that my life is busy. That I’m a creature with a purpose. When I’m not, I feel abit floaty. Sometimes, not always, that’s not a pleasant feeling. It’s something you have to put up with, of course – you can’t write all the time. But you can write a lot of the time; you can work every day.”
Frederick Seidel interviewed in The Guardian, 4 June 2016


Joe Moran puts it this way:
“This website is an archive of the writing I have done over the years, assembled in an effort to persuade myself that I haven’t been entirely wasting my time. ‘A luxurious task, this cobbling up of ancient toil,’ as Ronald Blythe puts it.”


In a similar vein David Lambert (of the Geographical Association at the time) said, urging teachers to engage in curriculum making: “If you are not writing, you are not thinking.” As an academic ‘he would say that’, but I think there is an element of truth in the precision and commitment required to lay thoughts bare. I don’t have to do it anymore…

John Bird, on Celebrity Pointless, said:
“I think I’m retired but it wasn’t my idea.”
Sums it up neatly.
However, as Nils Lofgren sings, “the sun hasn’t set on this boy yet.”
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Pannage outlines Angus Willson’s rich and varied experience

  • of managing partnerships for mutual benefit,
  • in generating learning materials, and
  • developing professional engagement for curriculum making and leadership.

Read more about this work

A summary of specialist contexts:

Geography, sustainability and global learning +

CPD, learning communities (PLN) and social media +

Pupil / student experiences =

Curriculum making

Angus, I think you’ve done a great job with this – thank you.”
Helen Price, Kallaway PR
Colliers Green Focus

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support
over the last two years with the project. It has been invaluable and
I have really appreciated your advice and insight
Hazel Lawrence, Pestalozzi

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